How to Buy Bitcoin in India - Best guide of 2018

How to Buy Power Bank for Mobile Online in India - Best guide of 2018

Looking for a which power bank to buy in India, but don't know how to get started? We have a tailored made guide on how to buy power bank for mobile India in 2018. Sure to read, follow and buy the best at your budget.
how to buy power bank guide

When it comes to power banks. We always comes with two big questions. Is that product I supposed to buy online is genuine? and  How much long it will charge my phone? Power bank are not that much expensive product and other cheap alternatives are also available. But, the big issue with power bank is their battery backup. We supposed to buy a value for money product otherwise its just wastage of money. Now in this guide we will try to help you choose a power bank for your phone.

How to Buy Power Bank Online -  Best guide of 2018

Though buying a power bank does not requires you to understand a lot of terms like Headphone does. Still, you need to understand few terms which we are explaining here. These are -

  • Brand 
  • Online Store
  • Ampere Rating/Capacity - Max and Actual
  • Life cycle of power bank
  • Size and weight
You might have a question why we need to take care of size and weight? We should and in this guide we will explain why you should be. 

Best Power Bank Brand in India

best power bank brands in India

Internal Battery Quality

Last time we put brand as a final consideration point. This time we will focus on brand name than other concepts. Brand plays a vital role in quality of product. Original brands like SONY, iBall, Intex use the good quality battery which will gives you the desired result.

We're not questioning other. But local or un-named brands may use cheap quality batteries in their high priced power banks.

Fake Samsung Power bank | Shared by Share Pro

So, we should take care of the brand we are choosing.


The other issue may occur is warranty. If you go with local or 3rd party brand. They may mention their warranty period. But when you actually want to avail it, their may not be such policy or they may not replace your product at time.

Some brand may not have replace policy. They instead replace the internal battery. So, while buying a power bank you should take care of Brand at utmost priority.

CB & BIS Certified Power Banks

Lookout for the certification of the power bank you are purchasing. If they met any of the certification standard. That means they are safe to use. Otherwise don't buy them.
CB is an international certification system while BIS is Indian certification.
Some power bank may not mention it in description. But you can blindly go with the big and reliable brands. We're talking about this Philips DLP1006 here. Double sure to check Verified Reviews on seller site.

[Philips DLP1006 on Amazon]

Your Choice of eCommerce Site

What is your favorite source of online shopping in India? Answer it in comment. [No backlinks please]

We can predict the best answer will be either of three, Amazon, Snapdeal or Flipkart. Though they are the most reliable sources of electronic products since eStore era in India.

These website has strict moderation against pirated products. That's why we suggest you to go with any of three. Snapdeal, however also has some loop holes. With time these sites are minimizing the misleading products which includes original brand name but on arrival it turns into fake.

Ebay. The most popular website where anyone can sell anything. Is a place where you should pull your hands off. We strictly recommend not to buy any electronic product from them unless it is advertised as fake or local itself.

Ampere Rating/Capacity - Max and Actual

A 10000 mAh power bank will charge my 2500 mAh phone 4 times. WRONG. It never will. Most of the power bank brands never mention their max output on online resources. Consider this Sony CPV10 which advertised as 10000 mAh power bank in India. The maximum voltage output it deliver is somewhat around 6300 mAh. 

Wait a minute if they don't mention it anywhere, how do we know about it? Well we have it. Look at the snapshot below. Its a snapshot from its box packing. Which read the max output value in very small font. 

So are they lieng with us? No they are not. Not even your 2500 mAh phone does not deliver the actual capacity. Always lower than that. The best explanation of this question is shared by Chetan Bhawani of Phoneradar. Sure to check out this blog post from below link.

If you're curious how many times your power bank charge your phone. Then sure to check out this amazing online power bank mah calculator.


You may have already got any idea that their is no purpose to buy Power bank below 10000 mAh. The capacity you should look for must be minimum 10000 mAh. You can easily found at a lesser price from around Rs.900.
The cheapest one with good brand and CB verified is Zoook PB10DC 10000 mAh power bank which cost you just Rs.880 to Rs.900.

Power Bank Life Cycle

What is the maximum power bank life cycle? In general you can also ask for how long does power bank last when not in use?

But, before we start. What does a life cycle means?
A life cycle = 1 charge then discharge

Maximum Life Cycle of Power Bank

power bank life cycle

The answer of the first question depends upon two conditions.

  • First - Quality of Power Bank
A low quality power bank may last for max 6-12 months. A high quality and expensive power bank can last for min 16 - 18 months. Almost every second power bank advertise their power bank life cycle of 500 charges. 

        As per Instructables

Power bank Life Cycle

  • Second - Usage of power bank
Their is no logic to use Power bank on daily basis unless you are traveler. Battery banks are meant for traveling purpose. 

So, if you raise your usage it means you are also raising its life cycle. 

In simplest possible language. The more cycle it deliver the least cycle it will last.

Conclusion. Try to use power bank when only required. While charging we recommend you to either set it on Airplane (offline) mode or shut down the device.

Now comes to second question.

How long does power bank last when not in use?

Same as first condition of the question one. A better brand power bank equip better PCB and battery cell. So, on full charge. A good quality battery bank may hold current for 2-3 months with minimal loss.

While a low quality power bank may goes to weeks only.

Also, on fluctuation of temperature battery may loss current.

[How long does a power bank last?]

Size and Weight

pocket sized power bank

Although the size and weight may not fit in this guide. We suggest you to have a look onto it too.
The purpose of your buying a power bank is 75%-80% travelling and 20%-25% emergency backup.
Always go with the power bank which is compact in size. Never buy a bulky one.

The average power bank can be your palm size or smaller. A 10000 mAh power bank has an average weight of 200-250g or under 300 grams. If you move to higher capacity the weight may increases due to larger battery inside the shell.

So keep in mind. Do not bulk you pocket go with the compact one.

So these are the main points of consideration while buying a power bank guide. You can also look out for following options on how to buy power bank. These are -

  1. LED Indicators - every power bank comes with it. Few may not, go with those who do.
  2. No. of output ports - most of them comes with single output port. Few of them allow double charging. Depending upon your usage you can go with any of them.
  3. Flashlight - Not ever brand includes it but few may do. Depending upon your preference look out for this point too. 
  4. Colors - For now, only Sony and Microsoft offer color variants. Though most of the other companies only made Black and White with touch of other colors too. If you're looking for color options. Go with Sony.

Any Suggestion today?

While you are free with your choice of top 10 1000 mAh power bank in India. We suggest you to go with Sony CP-V10. 

It offers fast charging with 1.5 A output. The max output they suggest is 6300 mAh and practically it help to charge our 2500 mAh phone almost 3 times. So, the max it gives us on the very first cycle is around 6700 mAh. Considering the conversion. It offer us 1 year of replacement warranty when dead or offering low backup. Also, a big brand name which worth its cost.

Sony CPV10 10000mah power bank

Yet other suggestion is Intex IT-PB 11K with over 66% positive feedback on Amazon. It is a successful player in power bank market since 2016. It is a product of major Indian brand and also available at very cheap price. Overall, a good option to go for at cheap price.

Intex IT-PB 11K 11000 mAh Power Bank
Buy Intex IT-PB 11K

We hope that you get clear idea of simple terms from this buying power bank guide. Using this knowledge you can make a clear idea of what you need. If you're looking for genuine online retailer you can consider Flipkart or for the purpose.

If you are satisfied with your current power bank. Please share its name with our reader using comments.